Financial wellness platform

Help Your Employees Succeed Financially

Financial planning can help reduce their stress so they can be more focused on growing your company.

Your employees are family


And your employees' families are your family. Personal financial wellness planning helps your employees provide for their families by helping them progress towards their financial goals whether that be getting out of debt, saving up a down payment on a house, or putting a child through college.

A new addition to the family, whether that be a new employee at the company or a new baby for an employee, is a great time to revisit their goals and create a plan for achieving them. Let us know when that happens and we will reach out to them and get them started on their plan.

Your employees are family
Workplace stress

Reducing stress helps your employees and helps your business

A 2014 online poll of 1,950 adults conducted by Harris Interactive found money is the top source of stress for the nation, cited by 71% of respondents. That is closely followed by work (69%) and the economy (59%). Another way to look at these results is that the top stress factors all converge in the workplace. Employees are paid at work and they make many of their most important financial decisions at work. Employees also experience the economy through the ups and downs of their employer. (link)

Stress leads to:

  • Missing work
  • Accidents on the job and workers' compensation claims
  • Lost productivity
  • Physical problems which increases health care costs
  • Psychological issues such as a poor concentration, a short temper, low morale, and job dissatisfaction.

All of those can lead to turnover which is far more expensive to a company than the cost of rolling out a financial wellness program. You can help your bottom line health by helping your employees' financial health.

Financial wellness highlights your other benefits


Many employees are likely not fully taking advantage of all of the benefits provided to them. With the help of WorkPlay401(k) they will learn the monetary advantages of participating in the benefits your company offers whether that be any of the following:

  • 401(k) plan
  • Employer matching
  • HSA
  • Flexspending
  • Remote working
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Professional development, training, and/or tuition reimbursement
  • ESOP
WorkPlay401(k) Personal Finance Dashboard

We truly believe that a strong financial foundation makes better employees and better employees build a better company.

Steps towards financial goals

A personal financial plan for every employee


There are a lot of life events between the time that an employee starts working for you and the time they retire. We want to make sure they are ready for every one of them.

With WorkPlay401(k) every one of your employees will receive a financial plan that is created based on their personal financial goals and their unique circumstances. It will provide them an actionable series of steps to make progress towards their goals as well as a budget, a personal financial timeline, a retirement plan, and reports that cover debt, insurance needs, and net worth.

Your employees will be happy to see what they can do today, next week, and next month to make progress towards their dream of owning a home, putting a child through college, and one day retiring without worry.