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Four steps to financial freedom

Budgeting is the first step in any financial plan. Allocating every dollar that is earned before it is spent will keep you making progress towards your financial goals.
A dollar in interest today is actually many dollars had you been able to invest it. Paying down debt (particularly high interest debt) will get you closer to your financial goals than just savings due to the compound effect of (debt) interest and (investment) returns. It should be a priority in every financial plan.
Savings is key to being prepared for emergencies. While investments are great for long-term goals, savings are great for short-term goals where you cannot afford to lose money in a down market.
For long-term goals such as a child's college or your own retirement investing is the way to go. While compound returns do not seem like much in the first few years after some time they will contribute the bulk of the funds for your goal.

Simple and effective financial planning

Financial Planning
Track everything
Every account from checking to credit card to retirement can be included in planning. Track transactions and customize with rates of return or interest.
Make changes for the future
Utilizing a variety of calculators you can see where problems lie and what changes are needed to meet your financial goals.
The results of planning
Life is what happens between milestones but easily see where you stand financially as you reach the various milestones in your life.